Climate change and the environment sampler 2021 /

Climate change and the environment sampler 2021 / - Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2021. - 249 p.

Conformado por 11 documentos

1. Drought, flood, fire. How climate change contributes to catastrophes. Chris C. Funk -- 2. Ultrasocial: The evolution of human nature an the Quest for a sustainable future. John M. Gowdy -- 3. Earth Detox: how and why we must clean up our planet. Julian Crubb -- 4. Planetary health: safeguarding human health and the environment in the Anthropocene. Andy Haines. Howard Frumkin -- 5. Extinctions: living and dying in the margin of error. Michael Hanna -- 6. There is no planet B. A handbook for the make or break years-updated edition. Mike Berners-Lee -- 7. 100% clean, renewable energy and storage for everything. Mark Zachary Jacobson -- 8. The citizen's guide to climate success: over coming myths that hinder progress. Mark Jaccard -- 9. Foof or war. Julian Cribb -- 10. Recipe for survival. What you can do to live a healthier and more environmentally friendly life. Dana Hunnes -- 11. Pandora's toolbox. The hopes and hazards of climate engineering. Wake Smith


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